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Human Rights in Islam

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Objectives of
The Organisation

The overall aim of CHRI is to propagate and promote human rights in the areas of civil, political, social, cultural, religious, reproductive health rights, participatory rights, developmental and environmental rights, and to conduct research on the knowledge, and attitudes of human rights in the society.

  1. To advocate specifically on issues such as child rights, women rights, girl-child marriages, domestic violence, reproductive healthcare issues and forced marriages.
  2. To raise awareness of human rights of all under served members of the society
  3. To promote best practices of human rights propagation in humanitarian activities.

Method of Work

  1. Educational: Conduct educational programmes such as intensive training courses on human rights principles for women, school children, persons with disabilities, and persons employed in the informal sector and stigmatized individuals in the society.
  2. Campaign and Publicity: Systemic and sustained efforts aimed at enlightening people through disseminating translated human rights documents, use of mass media (radio and television programmes/newspaper articles and publications) and by using its premises as an information centre.
  3. Advocacy: Presentation of Human Rights documents to religious and community leaders to increase their acceptance of the concepts and inculcate them and implementation of management systems to create an enabling environment for policy framework that ensures that rights are safeguarded.
  4. Research: The organization will carry out research and surveys on the knowledge, attitudes and scope of the impact of training , seminars, and awareness campaigns carried out in the society.



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